Choosing a Live Dealer Casino in the USA

Live casino USA

Live dealer casinos do an excellent job of recreating the thrill of a real casino. There is great care taken to make sure you feel as though you are right there in front of the dealer as you would be in a land based casino. You can experience the enjoyment of talking to the dealer and to other players. the social factors of land based casinos are really well replicated in most online live dealer settings.

When it comes to actually choosing a new online casino to play live dealer games the first thing to probably think about is fairness and safety. Well it pleases us to tell you that all live casino games are tested for security and fairness in the same way that slot games are. They even calculate an RTP for them! So it’s pretty safe to assume that when you are playing a live dealer casino game you are about as close as it is possible to be to playing in a real land based casino. However having said this it’s always worth making sure to check out the latest live casino reviews before you decide where to deposit.

The USA online casino industry really has come a long way in recent years. It has successfully recognised the popularity of live dealer games in the EU and has done an absolutely stellar job of replicating that playing options for players across the USA. It’s now completely common for USA live dealer casinos to exist, which is fantastic for players!

The future of online casino is social interactions with players and casino staff. This has always been the case. The only difference is that now, we are here. The future of online casino has arrived and frankly, we’re stoked!

How Are Live Casino Games Shown to Players?

It’s really very simple. Live dealer casino games work in exactly the same way they would if they they were being played in a real land based casino. The dealer is streamed turning cards and/or spinning the wheel right in front of you real time. So you can bet your digital chips and win or lose in exactly the same way you would if it was a real land based casino!

What Kind of Games are Available?

Online live dealer casinos in the USA have a gigantic selection of games available. They are catching up with the European online casinos very quickly. You can play Blackjack, Roulette, Holdem and Baccarat with a real dealer, from the comfort of your own home any time you wish. I think that really is a revolution in online gaming for the USA and I will be looking forward to many intense hours of play from my desk rather than having to jump on an extraordinarily long flight just to throw a few bucks on 19!

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